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Maintenance & Property Improvements

Maintenance & Improvements

Regular maintenance will be required to keep your property in perfect condition, even if it is a new property.  In addition, you may like or need to carry out some works to reform and/or improve your property.

We have been working in Sotogrande for over 10 years maintaining properties and overseeing activity, ranging from minor repairs to medium sized improvements and refurbishments.  However, we only provide these services to clients who have a Property Management contract in place.


Project Management
Project Management

Supplier Management & Selection

Whether the work involved is small or large, we will manage and oversee the works, using only the best suppliers and contractors that have been tried and tested on many occasions.  Our suppliers have all been working in the area for many years and rely on and value their reputation. They always deliver according to our standards and come back to deal with any snags. Any less than this would put their position on our approved supplier list at risk.

Licenses & Approvals

In addition, we will take care of all licensing and planning with the local authorities and recommend and manage architects as necessary.  This will ensure that your projects are carried out by qualified professionals, and comply with the various legal and planning requirements and you do not suffer in the future from any short cuts in process and legalities.

Licensing and Planning

Example Projects

Please see our Examples of Projects page for some before, during and after shots of some of the projects we have worked on.