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Property Management

Owning a property abroad can be one of the most exciting property purchases of your life. Choosing a Property Manager that you can Trust to take care of your interests and your property when you are not there to do it yourself, is therefore an important decision.  How do you know that the property will be checked as often as they have promised?  How do you know that any work carried out at your property was necessary?  A good relationship between you and your Property Manager is essential.  However, how do you know what is really happening when you are hundreds or even thousands of miles away?

As a WCS Bespoke client you will not only benefit from the many years of experience we have as a team in looking after Holiday/Second Homes in and around Sotogrande, you will also have access to the Secure Propierge Client Portal.  We actually encourage our clients to “take a peek” at what is actually happening at their properties whilst they are away.  Our clients can see live updates as they happen of when we have been into their property to clean and carry out the regular Property Inspections.  This means that our clients no longer need to rely on Trust alone as this is all supported by the 24/7 Secure Propierge Client Portal Access.

WCS Bespoke has the exclusive rights to use the Propierge Property Management Software in and around the Sotogrande area.  This means that within Sotogrande and the surrounding areas, only WCS Bespoke clients will be able to enjoy and benefit from the peace of mind and transparency that Propierge offers.  At WCS Bespoke, we have always delivered against our commitments, as strong business ethics and morals are core to everything that we do.  So, working with Propierge to open our doors and let our clients have full and transparent access to our day to day activities, was a very easy and natural enhancement to what we already offer.

WCS Bespoke Services

As a WCS Bespoke client, you will have access to the full range of services that we offer. In addition, all of the following services are supported and accessible 24/7 via the Secure Propierge OnLine Client Portal:

  • Bookings and Reservations
  • Property Inspections, Issue Status & Resolution
  • Cleaning (Cleaning only available with a Property Management Contract)
  • Accounts

WCS Bespoke and Propierge – Working Together to Raise the Standards of Property Management, ensuring Quality of Service and Transparency.

Property Inspections

  • Calendar View of Past, Current and Future Inspections
  • Inspections Managed and Controlled by Propierge Inspection App
  • Live Updates of Issues and Areas of Note
  • Maintenance Issues Managed via Propierge Integration
  • Photos, Comments and Current Status
  • Complete Transparency and Control

Maintenance & Property Improvements

  • Legal & Insured Contractor Selection
  • Maintenance Issues Status Updates on Client Portal
  • Property Improvements ONLY available with a Property Management Contract

Cleaning Services

  • All Maids and Cleaners Fully Employed for All Work/Jobs
  • Cleaning controlled by Propierge Maid App
  • All Cleaning Invoiced to the Second


  • Transparent Monthly Accounts
  • Payment of all Utilities, Taxes and Bills on your Behalf
  • Fiscal Responsibilities Managed